Our compliance department aims to ensure fulfillment of all national and international regulations and policies.

We abide to all procedures and regulations to guarantee the safety that our clients deserve.

Paullier&Cia Agente de Valores agrees with and abides to all policies required by international entities as well as by its regulator, the Central Bank of Uruguay.

We are in compliance with FATCA regulations (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). As of March 2010 a new US law regulates disclosure of accounts belonging to US citizens and residents overseas in order to minimize tax evasion. FATCA requires from foreign financial institutions to maintain documentation, update profiles and report activities related to such accounts.


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Customer Service and Troubleshooting Center

Paullier & Cía Agente de Valores offers a complete customoer service center where your questions or requests related to our products or services will be promptly answered and attended

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Once the form has been completed and details are provided , two contact options are available for client claims and request, at our office or by email through our dedicated address

It is our objective to provide a quality service, offering a timely solution to your requests. In case this institution does not resolve your claim within a required timeframe or considers the claim unjustified and duly informs you of such resolution in writing, you could further your claim with the regulatory authority, Banco Central del Uruguay ( To obtain more information regarding our claim handling procedures:

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